Green Mandala, 1975-81, Platinum, Gold Leaf, Oil on Board, 20″ x 20″

Musical Squares, 1953, Oil, Gold Leaf on Wood, 27″ x 23″

No. 105, 1991, Oil, Gold Leaf, Bronze on Board, 40 Diameter

Jeanne Miles, The Sounds of Children’s Laughter, 1954, Oil, Platinum, Gold Leaf on Wood, 28″ x 19″

Jeanne Miles


Miles was an extraordinary woman, who lived her entire life producing and celebrating art. While she became one of the first female members of “the Club”, the regular meetings of the Abstract Expressionists in New York, her work grew increasingly more geometric. An avid scholar of mysticism, Miles’ work seeks to explore the divine and spiritual truth and her mandalas serve as meditations on ritualistic designs. Influenced by Tantric art as well as Islamic and Tibetan work, her pieces draw the viewer in to contemplate the universal mysteries.


Selected Collections

Guggenheim Museum, NYC

Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

Santa Barbara Museum, Santa Barbara, CA

First African Methodist Church, Los Angeles, CA

Munson Williams Proctor Museum, Utica, NY

Fine Arts Museum of Springfield, Springfield, MA

Arizona University Museum, Tucson, AZ

White Museum, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington DC

Chrysler Museum, Provincetown, MA

Weatherspoon Art Museum, NC

University of Massachusetts, MA

Presbyterian Medical Center, Columbia University, NYC

University Church, NYC

Ecumenical Center, Garrison, NY

New York University Art Collection, NYC

Cincinnati Museum, Cincinnati, OH

Rose Art Gallery, Brandeis University, MA

Kansas Museum, Wichita, KS

St. Mary’s College Museum, MD

Los Angeles County Museum, CA